Craig A. Leinoff
Astoria, NY 11102
Objective: Employment in an organization that utilizes my deep technical expertise combined with my love of the humanities and understanding of the desires of the end-user; ideally within a consumer-facing online product whose mission I value and agree with.
Summary: Expert of interdisciplinary information technology in the media industry, with strong proficiencies in web development, new media graphics, and traditional writing and journalism. I have worked extensively in Drupal from 4.7 through 7, but may be the only developer in New York who legitimately enjoys spending time neck-deep in code and communicating with the customer equally.
B.S. in Electronic Media, Arts and Communications — May 2006
Minor in Game Studies, Graduated cum laude (3.67 GPA)
New York, New York (April 2013 to Present)
(Contractor through Trigyn Technologies)
  • Senior developer for numerous UN Drupal projects within the Office of Information and Communication Technology
  • Lead technical architect behind UN-wide transition from Google Search Appliance to Apache Solr
  • Complex "big data" processing of UN's hundreds of thousands of historical General Assembly resolutions, Security Council resolutions, and other documents
New York, New York (September 2012 to Present)
  • Account management and relations for clients to our Drupal-specialized web development firm
  • Sales and marketing for English-language clients
  • Development and user-interface design on internal and external web projects
New York, New York (October 2009 to Present)
  • Software and Product Development for,,, and other corporate web presences
  • Manage a team of Drupal developers
  • Roadmap and deliver web and digital projects as the principal
  • Technical oversight and project planning
  • Customer support and product outreach service
New York, New York (March 2009 to October 2009)
  • Drupal project planning and integration
  • Advanced module, theme, and content asset development
  • Employee educational materials development, training, and testing
Brooklyn, New York (Summer 2006 to Summer 2009)
  • Technical oversight of all company operations and purchases
  • Programming and media development for company (and affiliate) endeavors
Freelance Work — Various Companies
Telecommuting (Summer 2006 to Present)
New York, New York (Summer 2005 — Winter 2005)
  • Responsible for maintaining websites and community interaction
  • Modified and created ads for print and video media
Glens Falls, New York (Summer 2004, Winter 2006)
  • Assisted in Production, Advertising, and Layout
  • Branched out to reporting and editorial project management
  • Contracted later for a short-term Applescript programming project
Other: Organizer, NYC Camp (New York City Drupal Camp)
President, Lambda Chapter, The Delta Phi Fraternity
Editor-in-Chief, Statler & Waldorf campus publication
Tools: Specialities: Drupal, Basecamp, Photoshop; Git
Web Applications: Drupal, Symfony2, jQuery, AngularJS, Wordpress, Mailchimp, TinyMCE, Google API, Indexhibit, Lyris API Business: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Highrise; Computer Science: PHP, CSS, Sass, MySQL, Jenkins, Git, SVN, C++, Cisco SDM, VBScript, Actionscript, Javascript, Applescript; Multimedia: Adobe Creative Suite 3, Audacity, Maya 8.0; Office: MS Office/Excel; OpenOffice; Operating: Microsoft Windows; Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD; Design: QuarkXPress 4, Macromedia Dreamweaver;

In my free time, I draw with pen and ink, and digitally color my artwork. If I had more free time, I would work on some of the animations I started years ago.

I have played the piano for about 20 years, about eight years on the guitar, and six years playing the baritone horn. I am still not very good at any of them, but I sight-read well. I once performed Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road on my guitar at the NY State Capitol.

Once, I used to live with a Chinese family that let me stay there for free. I learned how to say a variety of things in Mandarin, which has helped me countless times at Chinese restaurants. Similarly, I studied French for 4 years in college and believed, until a recent trip to France, that I had forgotten it all. Finally, I have been studying Japanese since mid-2011 and can beg people to "excuse me" quite fluently.